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Tips on How to Become One of the Best Triathlon Coaches

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

Some triathletes with extensive experience in triathlons find themselves wanting to share their knowledge and passion with others through coaching. Perhaps you feel inspired to do the same. However, becoming a triathlon coach is not as simple as it sounds. They have plenty of first-hand experience and knowledge of the sport, allowing them to know what works from what doesn’t and customise training programs for specific triathletes.

It’s also important to be qualified for the job. Apart from having experience, triathlon coaches must understand the sport’s mental side and what triathletes go through daily while racing and training. As a triathlon coach, you’re responsible for training other triathletes to become better while boosting their confidence in the sport. Here are tips to help you become a competent and dependable triathlon coach.

Get Qualified

The best triathlon coaches have qualifications, such as BTF Level 1, 2, or 3, a degree in sports science or an equivalent. These courses can teach training basics while allowing you to practice. You could also shadow other triathlon coaches or assist them before going solo. That way, you can learn to navigate triathlon coaching and become used to different teaching methods.

It also helps to work with different athletes. As a coach, you’ll work with unique individuals of various mindsets and skills.

Trust the science

Going by the book is not enough to become a competent triathlon coach. The best triathlon coaches provide custom training programs based on scientific research and developments. They know the importance of science in the sport, so they keep up-to-date with the newest research to deliver the most powerful resources to triathletes. This way, they also emphasise the importance of giving the right answers to questions regarding competition, nutrition, recovery, and training.

Train with the best

Look for the best triathlon coaches with a science-based training program for pro athletes. They can customise their programs to help you become an effective coach.

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